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Airocide APS 200 Review

Crispy Clean and Fresh Air Without Using Filters!

I’m a big believer in the fact that everyone deserves a chance to have uncontaminated air in their homes and workplaces. Did you know that online studies show people around the world spend more than $500 million dollars annually on different kinds of air purifiers? Neither did I!

Something-else I was unaware of is that it’s a scientifically proven fact the air indoors is dirtier than the air outside. In an attempt to tackle allergens, dust mites and nasty odors, we tend to grab the first purifier that comes to hand (or the cheapest)!

Airocide Air Purifier with Filterless Technology

Airocide APS 200
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I’ve found that research is the key to choosing one that suits your needs best, and after hours (if not days) of research for the Holy Grail of air purifiers I came across one with technology that clearly stands out from the crowd. So, because of this research you’re about to find out about the Airocide APS 200 which, in my opinion could be the hero that saves the day.

One of the ideals of the company is to develop a purifier for one reason only: To help us feel better about the air we breathe, and this model is well-known for eliminating 100% of pollutants!

Filterless Technology

Traditional filters use technology to trap larger particles so, this means smaller ones like viruses, mold spores or chemicals are left intact. Not so with the Airocide no filter technology which is FDA approved and listed as a Class II Medical Device that produces no ozone. This high-tech machine developed by NASA, and initially only used by them is now available for household use (lucky us)!

This purifier uses a highly reactive catalyst that destroys harmful pathogens such as bacteria, dust mites and fungi however it also deals with harmful gases emitted by cleaning products such as paint and air-fresheners. The catalyst grabs the particles and works on destroying them so they’re not released back into the room.

What I should mention here is that you not only get the cleanest air possible, you also have the added comfort of knowing this air cleaner is backed by more than 12 years research, not to mention the amount of testing it’s been through. You should also know that it can’t be used for the same purpose as a HEPA filter, but it does work as an air sanitizer.

No Replacement Filters Required!

What I really I love is that you don’t have to replace or clean the filters like you do with other air purifiers that utilize filter technology to clean the air. In this case, using the coated catalyst, the harmful particles are broken down in the process of oxidation and they simply vanish into the Reaction Chamber. This Reaction Chamber has to be replaced once a year only (unlike many other brands). The Airocide purifier also saves a lot of power and uses less space, making it perfect for people who don’t have much space.

Health Benefits

Airocide Air FlowNewborns, allergy sufferers, and pet lovers are really going to love the Airocide air purifier. It protects newborn babies from dangerous airborne chemicals that are usually found in nurseries, and it’s even recommended by Pediatricians. I discovered that 90% of users have reported feeling better and experience less or no allergies at all.

Finally, the Airocide APS200 removes pet dander and all the nasty odors that usually come with owning a pet so, Fido and his fur won’t be getting “up your nose” anymore!

Renowned Companies Love This Air Purifier

In my experience (as limited as that may be), good word of mouth comes as a great recommendation, especially if the mouth it comes from belongs to large companies that have used a product for many years. Although it has only recently been launched for the consumer market, this air purifier has been used in wineries, hospitals, schools and food industries as a means of reducing the spread of diseases, and maintaining the quality of goods by preventing mold.

In Conclusion

Sure, this air purifier does come at a price but if you want a unit that will give you clean, crispy air and uses technology from one of the world’s most renowned institutions (NASA no less), I think the APS200 is well worth considering. If you’re interested in finding out more, take a look here. Oh, and you never know, there might be some discounts on offer. There was the last time I looked!

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