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O-Ion B-1000 Ionic Review
Most Affordable Ionizer

A High Quality Purifier for Those on a Budget

It really isn’t hard to find the best of the best with a quick online search. I can’t give away all of my secrets, of course, and I do complete a lot more research than a simple internet search. But you will easily find that this O-Ion purifier pulls to the top of search results whenever you are trying to find a high-quality ionizing air purifier at a low price.

O-Ion B-1000 Permanent Ionic Ionizer with UV-C Sanitizer

O-Ion B-1000 Purifier
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Before we get too far into things here, I want you to remember one important thing – not all air purifiers come with an ionizer. In fact, the addition of an ionizer is usually held for those more expensive options many of us simply cannot afford. If you are looking for the energizing effects of an ionizing air purifier at a low price, however, you have come to exactly the right place. Come on a quick journey with me as I take a closer look at the O-Ion B-1000.

All The Advantages of Negative Ions

Most people aren’t familiar with the positive effects negative ions can have. Yes, by the way, I am quite aware of how funny that last sentence sounded. But, it is true. My favorite thing about negative ions is that they clean up the electrical components of the air. If you’re lost already, don’t worry – it’s normal. We rarely think much about the electrical makeup of our air – the truth is, however, there are constant electrical currents moving through the air. Many of these currents come from our various electronic devices – things like computers, cell phones, and televisions emit positive ions. Too many positive ions in the air, however, can make a room feel stale and can lead to your feeling fatigued even without having put forth much effort. Infusing the air with negative ions like the ones this machine will create will help to energize the overall atmosphere of the room.

Something else you may not know is that ionizers clean the air as it moves through them. All those tiny, microscopic allergens and irritants which escape the clutches of other filters get caught up by the ionizer.

Carbon Filtration and UV Lighting

Of course, the ionizer cannot do it all. Since it is crafted to catch those tiny, microscopic allergens and irritants, something else must be in place to grab the larger ones first; otherwise, you would clog up your ionizer at an alarming rate. The carbon filter built into this purifier will catch all the larger annoyances before the air moves through to the ionizer.

The UV light filtration also built into this unit is designed to kill bacteria and viruses. After all, how can you truly say your air is clean if it has nasty germs floating around in it? You can’t. Truly clean air is free of germs as well as irritants.


I have to say, I was pretty impressed by this incredibly affordable purifier. I couldn’t quite believe it when at first I saw how advanced it was for its very low price. While it isn’t likely to cut it for large spaces, it’s perfect for small spaces. Why throw your money away buying an expensive option for your small space when this one will work just fine – in three stages?

You can buy the O-Ion B-1000 here on Amazon – and the good thing is, you don’t ever need to buy expensive HEPA replacement filters!

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