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Winix WAC9500 Air Purifier Review
Most Effective against Odors and Pet Hair

The Best for Those with Pets

I am a dog owner. I understand the challenges faced by those with dogs. I am not, myself, allergic to dogs, but I have many family members who are. I cannot tell you how many polite declines to dinner parties I have received over the years from people who simply did not want to spend the evening sneezing into their pasta dishes.

Not only do dogs and cats create dander to which many people are allergic, they also shed. Even if you don’t have an allergy, no one can help but sneeze if a piece of stray hair gets caught up in their nose. Topping everything off is the scent of animals. Don’t get me wrong – I love my dog and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. But I do have to be honest in saying that, sometimes, he leaves a little to be desired as he slinks around the house leaving his body odor all over my furniture.

Winix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner

Winix PlasmaWave WAC9500
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I understand this isn’t the most appetizing conversation, but that is the exact reason why we pet owners need to look into things like air filtration systems. Better to have this conversation now and use it as a motivation to purchase an air purifier than to have it later with our dinner guests as we try to defend why we haven’t yet purchased one.

Clears the Air of All Pet-Related Nuisances

We have discussed the different annoyances and irritants that come with animals. “It’s just par for the course,” many people say. They think that they simply have to accept dander, floating hair particles, and odd odors in the air, as well as fewer dinner guests. It’s just the sacrifices they make for their pets. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case.

This air purifier will rid your space of all annoying irritants. The secret to how well it achieves this goal is in its three-stage air cleaning system. First, the larger things (such as all that hair floating through the air after you brush or pet your animal) get caught up in the pre-filter. This pre-filter is washable, by the way. Just pop it out and run it under some water to clear away anything it collects.

The second stage is the main HEPA filter. This filter will capture all those tiny particles floating around in the air. This is where dust and dander are stripped from the air. Some odors can even get caught up in this filter. Most of the odor reduction, however, occurs at the third stage of the process. This is where the special PlasmaWave Technology comes into play.

The PlasmaWave technology is so patented that I cannot find sufficient information to explain exactly how it works, but in short (or more elaborate here), it charges ions much like an ionizer, only without the negative by-product ozone. The technology effectively neutralizes odors and kills germs, and judging by the countless positive reviews I’ve read about pet hair and odor removal capacities of this air purifier, the technology really delivers.

All The Bells and Whistles

Not only is this a great air cleaner for those with pets, it is truly a great option for anyone in the market for an air purifier. It will strip all sorts of odors from your room, including cooking scents and cigarette smoke. It will remove all sorts of allergens, from dust mites to pollen.

What is even more impressive about this slim unit is the array of special features it contains. Instead of having to get up and walk over to your purifier to change its settings, for example, you could do so from your remote control as you relax on your favorite chair. If you are wondering exactly what settings I am referring to, you will be happy to read the following list: optional PlasmaWave function, sleep timer, fan speed control, turbo boost.


Whether you have a pet or not, this excellent air purification system will not disappoint. If you do have a pet, however, this one simply cannot be beat.

You can find this model on Amazon, where it receives high ratings, as well as (at the time of writing) high discounts. It’s hard to go wrong with this one.

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